Parenting Challenges

url-1Parenting comes with its challenges. Gr8ful Mom faces the problems that are typical in a family. After the recent death of her husband and being the mother of a son with ADHD and learning disabilities, she gives her perspective as a single parent and the challenges that are faced in parenting a special needs child alone.

Select a complaint and post a comment of your response.  As you read your response, try to figure out the “truth” underneath the complaint by placing the word “because” after the complaint.  The first two are examples:


Parents’ complaints:

Everything we ask them to do is a fight.

I always look forward to the day that my son will do a routine task on his own without being asked over and over, for example – take a shower, brush your teeth, feed the pets… It is very stressful, because I am constantly “reminding” him to do things, then he feels I am nagging him and our interactions are always negative.

 They lie.

My son has been often been lying about things and it is very hurtful to me.  I feel like I can’t trust him and trust is so important.  Because of his lying, I feel like I can barely believe anything he tells me anymore.

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The Storm

No one escapes the storm.

Everyone is in a storm.

Every family has a storm.

You have an internal storm.

What is the storm?

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They always want money

Parenting complaint: The kids always want money.

Respond to this complaint by clicking “Read more” and leaving a comment.  As you read your response, try to figure out the “truth” underneath the complaint by placing the word “because” after the complaint.

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  1. Thank you for your feedback, we are glad to hear that you are enjoying our work. Please visit our other sites by Doctor Cathy and continue to provide feedback, comments, suggestions and ideas!

  2. Life has become so chaotic! External demands and circumstance pull us in every direction forcing us in to roles we do not want, yet can’t seem to escape from.

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