Doc Reimers’s Families

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I am Dr. Cathy Reimers, Ph.D.  I am a psychologist practicing in New Jersey. I live on a farm, stay close to nature, and I feel blessed to have many families in my life. Of course, I have my own family, and in my psychology practice I work with many members of other families: children, teens, and adults. I also have my office family, which includes my administrator, Dolores. She acts as a second mother to me, and to all of my clients.

I am also a member of my church family. My pastor serves tirelessly, giving love and hope to everyone. Then there’s my family of friends from high school, in Columbus, New Jersey. I have a California family too. Among these friends are Linda, who taught me how to laugh at myself, and Rose, who has inspired me to write, and to believe in my dreams. In my family of origin I have a sister, who often co-hosts my internet radio show with me, as well as two brothers, two parents, and Mimi, who now 91 years old, an individual who has given me wisdom and motivation throughout my life.

My nuclear family consists of my patient and endearing spouse, Jerry, my son, Erik,  and my  daughters, Katherine and Emilie,

Last but not least, are my family of pets. I have one of the sweetest old dogs on the planet, named, Honey. She is joined by Sugar and Spice, two rabbits we assumed were both females. When Spice had a baby we discovered the truth!IMG_0189

Being a part of all my families, makes me feel very grateful.IMG_0156

My over all dream is to help people to help others.  I hope to accomplish this through the development of websites, written blogs, Internet radio, Skype, books, and other social media.

Please tell me about your families?