About Gr8ful Mom

Gr8ful Mom is a 46-year-old single parent who lost her husband of 16 years to cancer in late 2011.  Gr8ful Mom left a full time, 28-year career to take care of her young son and their home. Gr8ful Mom enjoys music, concerts, dancing, going out to eat, shopping, being at the beach and swimming in her pool.  Gr8ful Mom is currently experiencing a high level of stress being a single parent and dealing with the trials and tribulations of raising a young man in his adolescent years with ADHD, a learning disability and no father.  She handles the bulk of all the housework, yard work, and maintains the one-acre property, sewer and septic systems and large swimming pool, with help from her son.  Gr8ful Mom handles all finances and legal matters. Gr8ful Mom deals with all school issues and is her son’s advocate.  There is no immediate family in the area, so there is very little support in that area.