It’s here. The  book has arrived and boy has  it stirred up a Storm!
The Perfect Family Storm: Tips to Restore Mental Health and Strengthen Family Relationships in Today’s World will navigate you and your family beyond today’s troubling times and to a safe haven of healing.

The perfect family storm is the convergence of the harrowing forces battering the American family. Addiction, violence, divorce, financial strain, and technology are among the strongest external pressures pummeling the American family.

Another force to be reckoned with that is causing a flood of problems is the amount of dishonesty in our society.

We have lost the ability to communicate with honesty, to listen with an open heart, and to feel empathy. To save and strengthen our family relationships, we must restore what we have lost.

Often, you aren’t equipped to weather these forces. As the storm bears down, your internal stressors may surge, caused by conflict within your family, which can weaken your voyage toward a healthy life.

When the perfect family storm batters, your mental health becomes damaged, leading to depression and anxiety in families.

By reading the Perfect Family Storm, you will begin to journey waters that will fortify your mental health, strengthen your family relationships, and hopefully, guide you to a port of peacefulness.

Lessons included in the Perfect Family Storm: Tips to Restore Mental Health and Strengthen Family Relationships in Today’s World will help you:

*Identify what type of parent you are

*Prevent dishonesty, promiscuity, and out-of-control behavior in your children

*Identify and work on breaking Internet, alcohol, drug, cutting, food and spending addictions

*Learn to understand your own emotions and be responsible for your behavior

*Examine your own truth behind your behavior and become more accepting and less reactive to the behaviors of others

*Uncover the warnings of the perfect family storm and the compass to steer away from them

Cathy Reimers, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 25 years of experience counseling children and families. She has published two ADHD books and is the host of Perfect Family Storms on Blog Talk Radio.

We must rebuild the foundation of the family however we choose to define the American family.  A stronger family can be made in America!