It’s here. It’s everywhere. It’s in our children, our parents, our families and even in our pets. We all feel the strain, stress, and craziness.  Hello, families; welcome to the Perfect Family Storm. That’s the nerve-jangling gale sweeping in right now, multiplying and intensifying every chaotic internal conflict a family experiences.

Let’s face it, we all want to have the perfect family life, but things happen. What has devastated our families, communities, our nation in the last 25 years?  We have lost the ability to communicate with honesty, to practice active listening, and to feel empathy. To save and strengthen our family relationships, we must restore what we have lost.

Just as erratic as our weather patterns have been with rising temperatures, floods, droughts, tornadoes, hurricanes; and winter blizzards in the springtime, we feel the force of stress coming in from all different directions unraveling our families.

Look at your own family.  Do any of you suffer from the effects of depression, anxiety, ADHD, addiction, out of control kids, school violence, sexual abuse, domestic violence, or divorce?  Do you have conflicts within a blended family? Are you dealing with job loss, financial problems, work stress, health issues, the strain of care-giving, adult children who can not leave home, the distraction of technology? The list goes on…

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Though this “perfect storm” threatens the very life of a family, we can survive it. Terrible as it is, realize that family storms drive us deeper. If you are willing to look at it honestly, you can see it as a chance to change.  From this destruction comes the necessity to repair and rebuild. This is the time to examine your behavior to see what role you’ve played in allowing the storm to have its way. If you can face the painful truth inside of you, you can free yourself of the past, and eliminate the negative behaviors that brought you here. This is a far better route than that of ignoring the storm’s effects. Ignoring your true responsibilities will only lead to worse storms, and future generations hobbled by a history of dysfunction.

 Every family has a storm. Use this website as an essential first step in dealing with your Perfect Family Storm.   What is the storm in your family? Post your storm and connect with people who have storms like yours.  Information on this site can be a useful tool in dealing with everyday family conflict.  It can also introduce you to methods and resources through the insights of others in your community.

Navigating these website pages will help you gain solid footing so that you and your family won’t be swept away by your Family’s Perfect Storm. Take shelter, find safety, and learn!